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By cosplay007 | 10 September 2018 | 0 Comments
Spiderman cosplay costume Halloween special sale
Halloween is coming! Have your prepared your Halloween costume ready? If not, then there is a great news for you. If you right were a spiderman fans, then that's would be really great for you. 
Now our factory developed two simple version spiderman cosplay costume for Halloween sale. Only cost $36. One is from the movie Spider-man: Homecoming, the other one is from Avengers: Infinity war. Here is the costumes pictures
Both above spiderman cosplay costumes only need $36. It's on factory price. Only want you cosplayers happy! The homecoming one main material is knitted. Components including jumpsuits, mask, wristbands. The difference to the old version is this one no separately shoes any more. On the shoes place there is fabric, just as socks. So this deduct the cost on the costume. 
The infinity war main material is roman fabric. Components including jumpsuit, mask, bracers. And this one also have no separately shoes. There is socks connected on the jumpsuit. 

These two costumes all in high quality directly sell from the factory. So what are you waiting for? Never miss this chance and move on right now! Here in waiting for you. 

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