Something about The Justice League Wonder Woman cosplay

By ManLuYunXiao | 09 December 2017 | 0 Comments

Now that I've seen the movie I feel this should be shared so people have a better understanding of why this different look.

I promise I won't spoil anything!!

This is not a fair comparison. Because the picture on the left yes it's from wonder woman, the one on the right was a look back 5,000 years when Amazonians were fighting a huge battle along with many others I will not name as not to spoil. I agree that it was a good decision to take out the mid section of their armor where all their vital organs should be protected? 


But that's because I fight in stage combat and my corset literally has saved me once or twice.

But to be fair, in cinema history, when ever their are looks backs that far in history. Fake or real. Costuming always seems to resort back to the more simple light weight swade leathers and less armor as to show a more primitive age.

So do not fret my fellow Amazonians!!

You will see the armor now in the time of Thymescira has not really changed much. 

I promise

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