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Shazam Billy Batson cosplay costume
Shazam is a upcoming DC superhero movie will be released on April 5, 2019. Shazam, also known as Captain Marvel, real name is Billy Batson. He is a 14-year-old boy. Can transform into a superhero by uttering the word" Shazam!" .Then he can gain the powers of superman, speed, flight, and other abilities. As a famous DC superhero, Shazam has high populiatiry among comics fans. To be "Shazam", is children's dream. Now everyone can realise the dream: find the Shazam cosplay costume!  To be Shazam by wear Shazam cosplay costume, is also loved by the fans. 
Here is a video you can see Shazam cosplay costume detail. 

Shazam cosplay costume designed and produced by Manluyunxiao. is the official website. The main material for Shzam costume is Roman print, gold glazed leather, PU, soft leather, fur, composite leather. 

And the components included Shoes, jumpsuit, cloak, cuffs, belt. 

The Shazam cosplay costume whole set price is $196. Now all costumes on Halloween discount. You can find coupon code on website homepage for the coupon code. Never miss this chance. is the original cosplay costume factory, accept customize without extra cost. If you want customize, just email us your measure size as below:

Halloween is coming. Also Shazam is coming. Then what are you waiting for? Be the superhero on Halloween start from!

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