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Red Captain Marvel Carol Danvers cosplay costume
Would Captain Marvel win Thanos on the Avengers 4? Why Nick call Captain Marvel on the end of the Infinity way? Would Captain Marvel save the avengers come back? So many suspense, right? All the Marvel fans so expect for the Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel, Marvel new MAC movie will be released on 8th, March, 2019. you can know more about Captain Marvel on this new coming MCU movie. The tailer is out, have you seen it? On the tailer, Captain Marvel costumes have two versions. One is in blue color and the another is in red color. Can't not see the movie now, but we can see the Captain Marvel costumes first.  
Here is the latest red color version Captain Marvel costume. 

What poewe would Captain Marvel have when in this version costume? This answer can be founfd on the new movie. Here we only introudeuce the costumes. The red version main material is grain leather, varnish leather, PU, elastic leather, fur, spandex leather. And here is the components: Jumpsuit, vest, gloves,leggings, wristband, shoes, belt. This costume is replica to the one on movie. All in high quality, and customzie according to your measure size without any extra cost. 

If I want the other version costume on the movie? How do I do? No worried. Beside above the red version, we also have developed the blue one. Here is the Bule version Captain Marvel cosplay costume. This version is same as the red one, mian material is PU, composite leather. 

And you can find all the Blue version components here: Jumpsuit, vest, gloves,leggings,shoe cover, belt, wristbands. 

No matter you like the red or the blue one, it's also OK. Be a female superhero is always some girl's dream. To save the world with Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man. This sounds so cool. We need superheros in life. Now become a superhero star from From here, you can know more about superhero cosplay costumes. Here always a one is waitting for you. 

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