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By manluyunxiao | 15 May 2018 | 0 Comments

Professional cosplay costume designer

Today I want to introduce our cosplay costume designer, Jackie.  He is a handsome man and also a big fan of Marvel and DC comic. The costumes he designed match to the original character perfectly. 
AS a professional cosplay costume manufacturer, our designer, professional knowledge for cosplay costume is very good. He has over 10years' experience for this. 
Recently the hit movie Avengers Infinity war is very popular. Everyone is discussing it. Our designer also work hard on the latest movie costumes. Yesterday he also worked untill midnight on the Spider-man costumes. 
The Spider-man cosplay costume color is changed. You can see the chest color is blue color in this movie. The final price is not come out yet, but not hurry, you can see it within this week. The material for this costume is elastic. It's easy to do any post. 

Does anyone curious about our design? May be the costume you wear is from our designer. Since we have distributers all over the world. 

Here is the front picture of our designer. 
The Infinity war captain America costume he designed is in high quality and almost the copy of the movie. The main material for this costume is washed dienm, it's high elastic. The sell price is USD282. This price is the lowest price you can find on whole network. It's worth to buy this one. 


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