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Overwatch OW cosplay costume

Overwatch fans have seen the Overwatch 2018 World Cup? It's so amzaing and excited. South Korea team is still the No. 1. Chinese team is a black horse in this year. The competition is very exciting. "  I can, you can too!"
The Overwatch World Cup is hot now. As a FPS game, the Overwatch is excellent on the map design, characters, tactics. The Overwatch costume is also a lightspot for the fans. As the hot of World Cup, the hero costume is also hot now. 
1. D.VA costume
As a beautiful and powerful female character in the Overwatch, D.VA is one of the favorite character for the fans. Also her cosplay costume is popular on the female. It's cute for the women. 

2. Tracer costume
Tracer, her power is time-jumping on Overwatch. She can speed up and slow down time at will. Very cool ability. 

3. Mei costume
Mei, full name is Mei-Ling Zhou, is a Chinese climatologist and adverturer from Xi'an, China. Her costume is suit for winter. 

4. Widowmaker costume 
Widowmaker is a sniper on the game. Her feature is equopped with a powerful scoped rifle. Her costume is also very cool!

Above is the collection for the mian female characters costume on the Overwatch. There are still so many others costume on the game. You can find all the Overwatch costume on the website

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