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By manluyunxiao | 28 June 2018 | 1 Comments

Ocean master Orm cosplay costume

Our latest cosplay costume: Ocean master Orm cosplay costume finally came out. This is also a very cool costume for Halloween costume selection. 
Ocean master, also named Orm Marius, appeared on DC comics. He is the brother of Aquaman. Here is the picture for his cosplay costume. 
Main colos for his costume is Black and red. This make his character seems relentless. Black means darkness, red means blood. 
And the main material of this costume is elastic leather. So it's easy to wear it and make post. The leather in high quality, not just the normal. This costume in high quality at the first eyes. 
As the original cosplay costume manufacturer, only sell this costume in $149. And ccustomize for free. You can see many same costume on the network, this is all from here. And their price is higher than So it's a good choice to purchase the Ocean master cosplay costume from the original factory. Can save a lot of money and at the same time on high quality.
Halloween is coming. Have you parepared you costume? The Orm cosplay costume is absolutely outatanding on the Halloween. So be the star on the Halloween, star from 

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