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By manluyunxiao | 04 July 2018 | 0 Comments

New DC comics Aquaman 2 Arthur Curry and Mera cosplay costume

Long for wait. Here we have two new cosplay costumes out! These two are all from DC comics and are all superhero. One male and one female. Gusee who are them? 
OK, one is the DC comics Aquaman 2 Arthur curry cosplay costume. This is a new costume for Aquaman 2 and it's a jumpsuit. Here is the picture for this costume:

Well, this is a very simple one. You do not need to worry about how to wear it. The main material for this costume is Roman fabric. This is elastic and very comfortable to wear it. The components include Jumpsuits, belt, gloves. And the price in website for this one is only $97. In very low price. is the original cospaly costume factory, so the price on this website is much lower than other agents. 

The other one is the Mera cosplay costume. She is the wrife of Aquaman. Here is the picture for this costume:

This costume material is almost same as the Aquaman one, all use roman fabric. So this Mera costume also elastic and very easy to make any post on Comic con. This one is also a Jumpsuits, but with shoes. It's also a simple one. The accseeories include Jumpsuits, shoes, gloves, wrist guard. And there is some PU to decorate the costume.  The costume price on website is $139. Also not so experience. 
If you have no large budget for the Halloween costume, this two one is a good chooes. Simple and cheap, but in high quality. This is also suit for couple cosplay. Not so many cosplay costume they just are wrife and husband. It's a good chace to go to the Halloween with your wrife/husban. This year's Halloween woule be much fun and memorable. What are you waiting for? Get the costume as gift to your half one. 

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