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By manluyunxiao | 22 May 2018 | 0 Comments

Infinity war Thor cosplay costume

Marvel hot movie Avengers Infinity war is over. Believe many Marvel fans have seen this movie on cinema. Who is the strongest in Infinity war? Believe the answer is in your mind. Thor, so handsome on this movie. Want to be thor? First you need a Thor cosplay costume, luckily we tailor Thor cosplay costumes in high quality. 

[Movie] Avengers Infinity War
[Characters] Thor
[Components] Vest, pants, shoes, wrist guard, scapula
[Material]PU Leather, Composite leather, cotton satin drill, knitted, spandex leather, putent leather

The main material of this cosplay costume is leather, the materila is elastic. the detail in this cosplay costume is deluxe. The line and pattern in this costume is almost copy to the original movie costume. Now this costume price is USD255 excluding shipping cost. Only cost USD255 you can be the strongest men in universal, what are you waiting for!!!

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