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Fortnite cosplay costume
As to Fortnite, believe many video game fans know and love it. Fortnite Battle is a online video game, created on the year of 2017. It gains great success after been relezsed. More then 125 million players join in this game in less than a year and earning hundreds of millions of dollars per month. But today, we are not talk about the game. Let talk about the Fortnite female commando cosplay costume

As a hot online video game, the Fortnite cospaly costume also in hot. Now Fortnite players come here, let see the detail of the female commando costume detail. 

First, let see the detail on Vest. The vest material is roman fabric designed with elaborate printing. You can see the quality pattern on the vest, it is not transparent and will not fading.

Second, the wrister made by compositer leather in draping and Designs, close to the female commando character in game. 

Third, the pants material in military camouflage fabric and are strong and durable. The quality is very good and no need to worry about the seam or fade. It also can be wore as usual clothes. 

Fourth, the kneepads are designed with elastic straps to adjust the size. It's very easy to use and you can adjust it as your favor. 

Fifth, the shoes designed in leather and with shoelaces. It's very nice and you can also wear it as usual. Not only for the cospaly. So worth itm isn't it?

Now only developed the female commando costume. We will keeping develop more characters costume from Forthnite, please kindly keep watch on us. More high quality and replica Fortnite will be out soon. 
The female commando costume now price is $103(without shoes), with shoes together is $141. Halloween is coming, there will be some discount event on it. 

Recently there are also some hot game costumes have been developed. For more information please refer to

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