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By manluyunxiao | 29 June 2018 | 4 Comments

Amazing Hela cosplay costume

Hey, it's time to prepare your own Halloween costume from now. From selection, tailor, shipping, it's a long time. The earlier prepare, the better. Who knows what would happen during the halloween. This year, to be the most outstanding one. 
Here is a good cosplay costume idea for Halloween: Hela cosplay costume
Hela, a female character in Marvel universal. Appear on the Movie Thor:Ragnarok. She is so powerful, even Thor is hard to defeat her. The character for Halloween is absolutely attractive.
Now Let see the detail of Hela cosplay costume. 

Material: composite leather, pearl leather, thick leather, suede.
Components: jumpsuit, cloak, boots.

It'e very cool and comfortable to wear this costume. Here is some Hela cosplay show on comic con. She is always so outatanding on the comic con. 

It is awesome, isn't it? So now have you decided your Halloween costume? 
The hela costume ouftits only sale USD170. It's so nice. You can find other online shop sell our costume in USD250. So what do you wait for? Now come to our shop to select the Halloween costume from now. 


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